Our services

Conventional Pools

Conventional and modern design swimming pools done professionally to suit your lifestyle, choice, budget and own specification. First grade material used throughout the structure and completion of each pool to create fun and lasting memories.

Abstract Rock Art Pools

Built and done in the same way instead of using paving we create the pool surroundings by using plaster and a creative mind and hand to give you perfect designs every time.

Koi Ponds

Done in Conventional or Abstract Rock Art designs for those who love koi fishes as pets. It brings serenity, peace, tranquillity and to makes you feel calm while looking, feeding them and listening to the soothing noise of the water feature. Koi Ponds are becoming more and more popular in homes, offices, malls and places of work. At home with a beautiful garden and a koi pond fitted it makes you experience the great outdoor a step out of you home.

Water Features

Water Features can be built and installed in just about any environment whether it be your home, work place, offices and mostly attached to your pool. Done beautifully to bring about peace and tranquility in your own environment.


We use only exceptional first grade paving slabs or bricks with colours of your choice, patterns of your choice and fitted to suit your style and specification.

Braai Areas

Done in first grade heat resistant material flat or chimney design to complete you pool or garden area and brings about food, fun and lasting memories.

Abstract Rock Plaster Art

Beautifully done on walls, houses, pool areas, braai areas, paving, water features and even indoors. Plaster material used with an artist of this nature gives you wonderful designs to suit your lifestyle.

Before and After

This takes you back to what was and what a bit of modern works can do to bring about change to your environment.

Small Building Works

We also specialize in small building, weather it be a garage, walls, retaining walls, electrical, aluminium products (windows, frames, awnings, car ports etc), plumbing etc.